The Lovely Tourist Spots in Haiti

Haiti has been shaken by devastating earthquakes (the latest in 2010) and plagued by political disturbances in the past years, due to the domination of Dominican Republic and Jamaica. This is the reason why half of Hispaniola Island remains generally lacking and untrodden. However those who are planning to visit this country and spend a couple of days or week are in for a real treat.

La Citadelle la Ferriere

Clinging like a great stone limpet to the ridges of Bonnet a L’Eveque mountain a short drive south out of Cap-Haitien. It’s the largest fortress in America.

Jacmel Bay 

Nestled on the south coast just a short drive from the capital at Port-au-Prince, pretty little Jacmel (a tentative addition to the UNESCO World Heritage list no less) is the reigning arts and crafts kingpin of all Haiti. 


Crash into the mysterious yet lovely place of  Saut-d’Eau. Enjoy lush greenery and the breathtaking natural beauty of the surroundings.

Sans-Souci Palace  

Settled in the northern slopes near the strong Citadelle la Ferriere, which towers high on the peaks over, this disintegrating palatial complex was before the home of Henri Christophe, the Haitian ruler and pioneer during the wars of freedom against the French

Hiking from Furcy to Jacmel 

Experienced voyagers going to Haiti ought to make certain to scramble toward the gigantic Massif de la Selle, where the unbelievable Furcy Forest can be found falling down the edges and pinnacles which ascend in excess of 2,500 meters over the Caribbean Sea.

Barbancourt Distiller 

With just about two centuries of exchanging history, the Barbancourt mark is among the most notorious in the entirety of Haiti. Make sure it is included in your itinerary.


Magnet for voyage ships and a most loved of wanderers, little Labadee is an exclusive enclave of sand, ocean and sun that goes under the Royal Caribbean International flag. Enjoy a sunny vacation in this wonderful paradise in Haiti.

Lakay restaurant in Cap-Haitien 

Set to the sounds of reggaeton and samba (played only by local bands, of course), little Lakay is a charming and earthy eatery in Cap-Haitien that’s famed for its mastery of the Creole kitchen.

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