Top Summer Destinations in the Philippines

Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is a great summer destination.  With over 7, 641 islands Philippines has more to offer than what you see on TV and magazines. So staying here for a couple of days only would not be enough to enjoy how beautiful this country is. Nevertheless, here are some of the top summer destinations you can go to when coming to this wonderful country.


If you have an unfortunate dilemma of choosing where you to go, you would eventually love going to Palawan. It offers spectacular white beaches and islands where you can go island hopping, diving, or snorkelling.  Palawan is also a haven of wonderful accommodations that will make your stay extra comfortable. The best time to go in Palawan is during summer when the waters turn perfect blue but expect the place to be really crowded.


After its rehabilitation, Boracay is now a wonderful tourist destination with white sprawling beaches. It is cleaner and more eco-friendly. Boracay is a small island surrounded by nine other beaches, where you can go bar hopping. A lot of celebrities go there during vacation, so if you want to mingle some of them, we suggest you go during summertime.


Many people believe Siquijor is an island of witchcraft and wizardry that is why it is known as the Majestic Island. But what people don’t know is that Siquijor is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Siquijor is a small island in the middle part of the Philippines that features beautiful white beaches and is often called the mini-Boracay. You can circle the island for 2 hours riding a motorbike and most of the food and accommodation here are very affordable.


Bohol is another island in Central Visayas, just about 4 hours from Siquijor that features beautiful white sand beaches. The Henann Resort is a popular resort in Bohol that offers luxury accommodation at a great price point. You can also find in Bohol the most popular Chocolate Hills and eat the local food “Kalamay Hati”, which is a sticky sugar filling enclosed in a coconut shell.


Cebu is another island in Central Visayas with awe-inspiring waterfalls. Almost every side of this island is gifted with turquoise waterfall that you can try within a day. From the main city, you can travel to the south side of Cebu and drop by Oslob to experience whale watching. You have the option to enjoy the activity for just 2 hours, so you can use the remaining hours to visit the beautiful waterfalls further down south such as the Allegria Falls, Aguinid Falls, and Tomalog Falls.

Italy is a Vacation Paradise!

Are you thinking about what places you must see in Italy? Rome might typically take the spotlight as Italy’s token tourist place, but to really appreciate this amazing country you need to step outside the walls of the Eternal City. Let’s discuss what to visit if you are in Italy.


A common stop on several Eurotrip plans, Rome is not to be missed. The city is a worldwide renowned cultural and historic powerhouse. Right here you’ll discover the most essential relics from the Roman Empire, several of Michelangelo’s best works, the most effective food in Italy and also, certainly, the center of Catholicism.


Florence feels like sectarian Italy, although it’s the precise reverse. Positioned in the middle of the breathtaking Tuscan valley, Florence is lined with charming avenues resulting in attractive piazzas big and also small. While you’re soaking up the city’s elegance, see to it to come across Piazza del Duomo, where the spectacular name church is located, and also the enchanting Ponte Vecchio overlooking the Arno River, ideally at sunset.


There are few destinations on the planet fairly like Venice. Its originality can mainly be attributed to the canals that go through the city like roads, carrying water taxis as well as buses along with its fleet of renowned gondolas. Thus, there is a palpable bustle below that may surprise some first-timers. For a relaxing Venice trip, look for the smaller sized roads and canals away from the hectic Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco.

Amalfi Coast

Reaching the cliffside Amalfi Coast is certainly a trek, but tourists say the journey is more than worth it. This place covers 34 miles of coastline and is home to 13 colorful seaside towns, each with its own unique story. Positano and Amalfi are the two most famous, housing numerous hotels and restaurants that are just amazing. While here, hike, relax on the beach and eat to your heart’s delight.


If you’re seeking Italy without the crowds, Tuscany is the place to go. Italy’s renowned countryside is really all it’s gone crazy to be using travelers’ stunning landscapes populated with charming, private vacation homes and also castells that house vineyards and also outstanding dining establishments. What’s more, Tuscany is a very easy drive from top locations such as Pisa, Florence as well as Cinque Terre, perfect for those that do not want to stay in one area for too long.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, situated on Italy’s northern Ligurian Coast is comprised of 5 vibrant, seaside communities tucked flawlessly on the area’s cliffside terrain. There are fewer coastlines right here than along the Amalfi Coast however no lack of awesome tasks, with boat trips and also hiking being the area’s bottom lines of the rate of interest. While below, save time for the oceanfront Footpath Monterosso walk.

Lake Como

Lake Como invites visitors to kick back, enjoy and bask in the luxury of the region. Here, opulent villas and hotels line the shores and beaches beckon to sun-seekers. You’ll also see sleek sailboats and speed boats coasting in the middle of the water, which is a beautiful place to admire the lake’s surrounding hills.

Must-Try Foods In Italy

  • Pizza Margherita
  • Gelato
  • Roman Meals
  • Tiramisu
  • Pasta Carbonara
  • Italian Coffee
  • Risotto
  • Ravioli
  • Prosciutto
  • Gnocchi

Italy has SO MUCH to offer. You must put it on your bucket list. We traveled with business partners and friends who helped us start our painting business (Chandler Painting Pros) in Chandler, Arizona about 7 or 8 years ago. Be sure to go with friends and/or family, take plenty of money, and leave plenty of time on the calendar to enjoy it all. …

Tips To Explore Laguna Verde, Altiplano, Bolivia

At the southernmost tip of Bolivia, close to the border with Chile and Argentina. Do you know why is it special? Well, let’s discuss in detail on it.

Southwest Bolivia contains some of the world’s wildest and most amazing landscapes, including the Laguna Verde, backed by the dormant 19,555ft Licancábur volcano. It is just one of numerous striking colored lakes, including the Laguna Colorada, where the intense red waters as well as arctic-white coasts comparison with the shade of the lake’s 3 types of reproducing flamingos. You can climb up the volcano or join a scenic tour of the lakes and also various other landscapes, consisting of the vast and also just as celebrated salt pans to the north.

NASA used the upper reaches of Licancábur for experiments to prepare for future missions to Mars. Butch Cassidy, as well as the Sundance Youngster, are hidden in the cemetery of a local village, San Vicente, though the accurate tomb is unknown, regardless of exhumations in 1991.

Since the most amazing feature of the lake is its color, to get off disappointment, it is imperative to the visitors to visit Laguna Verde during the wet season (From November to March) when it is full of water.

The most excellent color is observed in the ​afternoon as it depends on the sunshine. If you are lucky, you might even observe unusual flamingos “dancing” on the green waters.​

Free Excursions and Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts of everything from stunning beaches and beautiful gardens to Hollywood glamour, a myriad of entertainment options, and world-class gastronomy. It’s, however, important to note that this incredible city can be a pricey destination to visit. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from getting here as there are plenty of free attractions in Los Angeles. Here are some of the free and unique Los Angeles activities. 

Santa Monica Pier and Beach

One of the most popular free activities in Los Angeles is getting to the beach. Los Angeles boats of over seventy miles of beach which means you won’t lack one that best suits your taste. Head west of downtown Los Angeles to explore one of the country’s most legendary beach scenes- Santa Monica.  Also known as “State Beach,” Santa Monica features 3 miles of shoreline with soft sands and excellent nightlife spots. You can ride Ferris wheel on site before cycling along the 26-mile bike path running parallel to the ocean. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most iconic and famous sidewalks in the world. The free-to-enjoy sidewalk features signatures and handprints of hundreds of movie stars in the country. Most of the activity on this attraction and notable names of movie stars can be found between the 6800 and 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard. The sidewalk is open to the public twenty four hours a day. 

Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

Spanning over 4,000 acres, Griffith Park is the largest green space in Los Angeles. It offers a beautiful setting to spend your time outdoors. The Griffith Observatory location within Griffith Park allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the city skylines, ocean, majestic mountains, and surrounding landscape. Opened in 1935, the observatory is a popular attraction in Los Angeles and offers free admission. Those who want to watch the planetarium shows have to pay a small fee, however. 

The Getty Center

You can’t travel to Los Angeles and leave without spending some time at one of the world’s finest work of art- the Getty Center. Apparently, the museum is also one of most impressive and awe-inspiring architectural achievement in the country. The museum is home to Renaissance paintings, historic manuscripts, Baroque sculptures, and twentieth century American photography. Visitors also get to enjoy impressive views of the city from the museum on clear days.  Admission is free. 

The Original Farmers Market and the Grove

The Grove is home to a plethora of stores, a movie theater, restaurants, a café, and bars. This is the place to come for a dose of caffeine, a cupcake, or a moment of respite. The Grove allows visitors to enjoy a more contemporary shopping experience. Dating back to 1934, the Original Farmers Market sits south of Hollywood and adjacent to The Grove. Here, you’ll find high-quality food vendors, an aroma of ready-to-eat snacks, and fresh farm produce. Entry is completely free. 

Runyon Canyon Park

There’s no better place to hike with friends and family while in Los Angeles than at the Runyon Canyon Park. The park comprises of about 160 acres of land and features hiking trails starting just a few blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard. Visitors get to enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Griffith Observatory, and the San Fernando Valley from the park. Joggers, hikers, and walkers come to the park every day to exercise on the hiking trails at the park. Visiting the park is free.